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So Many Books


To keep with my new vow to buy secondhand, I’ve hit up one of the local secondhand book shops for some new books. Actually, it’s more like my dad hit them up as I was stuck at home after a wisdom tooth extraction (details of which will never, ever be present here. I promise. I’ve been trying to forget it and it’s sort of working). Cue, the list:


  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • The Innocent by Ian McEwan
  • The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Suite Francaise by Irene Nimrovsky
  • North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh
  • A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh

Add to that, I’ve still got some on my bookshelf that haven’t been touched. What I would give to be able to speed read because I seriously just want to get into all of this. I guess I just have to take it one at a time because if I keep succumbing to my terrible habit of reading more than one each time, I’ll likely never finish. I don’t even want to think about how hard it’ll be to pick which one to read next or how to order all of them, really. One at a time. I’ll worry about it later. For now, I’ll just look as far as finishing Never Let Me Go… halfway finished and loving every page of it.


Period Dramas: A Record.

What with the effects of a wisdom tooth plucking incident, I am pretty much confined to my home until I have to go to work. To pass the time (and distract myself from my inability to eat as well as my stomach’s complaints to this fact), I re-watched Cranford with my mum. We didn’t start very early so we only got through one episode. She seemed to like it well enough as she said that she’s planning to watch the rest of the series. While watching, I realize that I pretty much recognize each of them from their other Period work. This can only mean one thing: I have watched too many. I figured that I best keep a record to refer to. I guess it’ll be a list of what I’ve seen and what I’d like to see. This way, I can give suggestions to my mum in a less ‘uh—er—hmm—what about—eh’-manner. Usually, it’s either that or the rant which involves my blurting out a lot more than anyone really needs. Ergo, a page will appear shortly. It’s mainly to satisfy my need for organization and my laziness over using pen and paper to keep a record of things.

The Secondhand Challenge

My family’s actually a pretty big fan of charity shop bargains. It was my dad who started it, really. When he first came home with this fantastic coat, I eagerly asked where it was from. When he told me that it was from the Salvation Army, my eyes got larger and I made a face. I know I sound like a horrible person but the face was made because I was scared that whoever owned it had already died. It wasn’t because of snobbery over not buying something new or expensive because I like a good deal, too. After some time, I gave charity shops a shot and I was so pleasantly surprised. The items I ended up getting have become favourites that I’ve been complimented on. Since then, I’ve come to embrace the beauty of charity shops because you can get pretty much anything there: clothes, shoes, books, etc. When I go to charity shops, I usually hit the book shelves first for any classics I’ve been meaning to own or some contemporary novels that I’ve heard good things about. Then, I make my way to the clothing and, more recently, to the shoes. That’s my ritual anyhow. The bottom line is that my family (save for my 13 year-old sister) loves the experience of going through racks of stuff to find some treasures for a bargain.


Over breakfast, my dad reminded me of our impending trip to Hong Kong next year and said that I should save some money for my car and the rest can go to some shopping which, if I did there, I’d save a lot because of the lack of sales tax. Dilemma: this means that I must refrain from shopping for the next half a year or so. Not stop altogether or anything but simply tone it down some notches. The remedy for this is that I shop more from charity shops than, say, Zara and H&M. This is not to say that both stores have price tags the size of Burberry but still… stuff adds up and I can attest to this as I’ve got a bill waiting to be paid. Ergo, the Secondhand challenge has begun. My dad didn’t say for me to stop shopping entirely or to only shop secondhand. He even said that if there’s a good buy at Zara, to go for it but this is a challenge I’m putting upon myself. With the exception of Christmas presents (though I’ll probably try even then because my city’s blessed with some ridiculously good vintage, antique and consignment shops), I’ll be trying to buy clothes, shoes (and books, even) secondhand. Hence, I’ll be spending my time at consignment, charity and antique shops for the next… 6 months?


As an outlet for myself, I’ll be posting my finds here. I suppose some may find it what I get interesting. That and it might even encourage people to give secondhand a chance because it took me quite a while to actually jump on board the secondhand train.


Now, I’m off to watch Turn Back Time: The High Street and take pictures of what I purchased a few days ago from a charity shop.

Listening to: Reprise

Right, I’m definitely in a big Never Let Me Go-mood. I’ve been reading the novel but I’ve not seen the movie yet. Alright, so I saw the trailer and all that but not everything’s spoiled. I can’t help but be a little hung up on the music they’ve got on the trailer. I have a habit of finding music like this: from tv programmes, movie trailers, etc. This song has basically been on repeat, for the most part, since I got it on my iPod. It isn’t even the actual theme from the movie’s soundtrack but it has given me so much muse which is always good because I should be writing something else right now but I’ve hit a slump. Ergo, I’m putting the song back up in the hopes that something comes to me.


Reprise by Marcelo Zarvos & Peter Vronsky from the Soundtrack to The Door In The Floor

SOS: Need new books

I don’t impulse-buy when it comes to books. I tend to be very picky and read a few reviews/versions of a certain book’s summary before I read it. Even worse, I tend to check out the movie-versions, if they exist, of books before I read them. Well, I don’t mean to go for the movie before the book. Honest! It just so happens that I come to know of the book after catching whiff of  film or something. I’m sort of black/white on the matter of book-picking. If the subject/summary doesn’t make me want to go get the book right then and there, I probably never will… as in, the books I tend to purchase are those I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I’m rarely ever ‘meh’ on books before I purchase. If I go for something, I better be bloody excited to actually read it. The problem now is that I received a 15% off coupon from Chapters (CDN book shop) which I’d very much like to use but I haven’t got a clue what to use it on. It’s only valid this weekend so I better pick fast. I just got Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro which I’m kind of in love with so there will probably be some posts about it soon. I’ve not finished it yet so I wasn’t even looking into getting another one but a discount’s a discount so I best make use of it, you know? What on, though… hmm. I should get to making a list of books I want/haven’t read and then just pick? Or… magazines make nifty little lists that might help. Even better, I’ve finally joined LibraryThing after I saw it mentioned on She Reads Novels. Maybe I’ll find something there? If not, then I guess I’ll just be spending the night trying to recall every book I’ve read, make a list of it all and then make one for those that I’ve got to. Either way, that’s a good few hours spent on book-musing. Wish me luck.


Over at Street Style: Pics By Polka Dot, Jill aka Polka Dot made a post about the different interpretations of the Leopard print trend. I’ve always wanted to try it but I’ve been having issues with how to make it go with my own style. I’ve never been one to follow trends that feel alien or foreign against what I already own/like but the Leopard thing has been following me around for a little while now.

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Blogging 2.0

One of the reasons I love blogs, bloggers and blogging is because when my brain refuses to produce something minutely tolerable, I always have blogs of all kinds to turn to. Some are inspiring, some I turn to for news and some for pure entertainment (ie. all tumblr posts tagged ‘whip my hair’). I’m kind of subject to being brain dead writing-wise so I figured I’d resort to the latter of the three to either resurrect my brain cells into functioning again. I haven’t really got a profound topic of speciality. This blog is, more or less, a cluster of anything I find particularly interesting (which I use as excuses for not doing what I’m supposed to be doing): film, novels, music, tv, etc. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I find them interesting that everybody else will but it’s a worth a shot.


Right, now I better hop in the shower and get my arse to work. Naturally, I’ll be thinking of things to blog about while I’m off selling shoes. I reckon I’ll be thinking of that and how I’ll make an ‘About Me’ page without boring the world to death.