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Listening to: Reprise

Right, I’m definitely in a big Never Let Me Go-mood. I’ve been reading the novel but I’ve not seen the movie yet. Alright, so I saw the trailer and all that but not everything’s spoiled. I can’t help but be a little hung up on the music they’ve got on the trailer. I have a habit of finding music like this: from tv programmes, movie trailers, etc. This song has basically been on repeat, for the most part, since I got it on my iPod. It isn’t even the actual theme from the movie’s soundtrack but it has given me so much muse which is always good because I should be writing something else right now but I’ve hit a slump. Ergo, I’m putting the song back up in the hopes that something comes to me.


Reprise by Marcelo Zarvos & Peter Vronsky from the Soundtrack to The Door In The Floor


SOS: Need new books

I don’t impulse-buy when it comes to books. I tend to be very picky and read a few reviews/versions of a certain book’s summary before I read it. Even worse, I tend to check out the movie-versions, if they exist, of books before I read them. Well, I don’t mean to go for the movie before the book. Honest! It just so happens that I come to know of the book after catching whiff of  film or something. I’m sort of black/white on the matter of book-picking. If the subject/summary doesn’t make me want to go get the book right then and there, I probably never will… as in, the books I tend to purchase are those I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I’m rarely ever ‘meh’ on books before I purchase. If I go for something, I better be bloody excited to actually read it. The problem now is that I received a 15% off coupon from Chapters (CDN book shop) which I’d very much like to use but I haven’t got a clue what to use it on. It’s only valid this weekend so I better pick fast. I just got Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro which I’m kind of in love with so there will probably be some posts about it soon. I’ve not finished it yet so I wasn’t even looking into getting another one but a discount’s a discount so I best make use of it, you know? What on, though… hmm. I should get to making a list of books I want/haven’t read and then just pick? Or… magazines make nifty little lists that might help. Even better, I’ve finally joined LibraryThing after I saw it mentioned on She Reads Novels. Maybe I’ll find something there? If not, then I guess I’ll just be spending the night trying to recall every book I’ve read, make a list of it all and then make one for those that I’ve got to. Either way, that’s a good few hours spent on book-musing. Wish me luck.