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Listening to: Reprise

Right, I’m definitely in a big Never Let Me Go-mood. I’ve been reading the novel but I’ve not seen the movie yet. Alright, so I saw the trailer and all that but not everything’s spoiled. I can’t help but be a little hung up on the music they’ve got on the trailer. I have a habit of finding music like this: from tv programmes, movie trailers, etc. This song has basically been on repeat, for the most part, since I got it on my iPod. It isn’t even the actual theme from the movie’s soundtrack but it has given me so much muse which is always good because I should be writing something else right now but I’ve hit a slump. Ergo, I’m putting the song back up in the hopes that something comes to me.


Reprise by Marcelo Zarvos & Peter Vronsky from the Soundtrack to The Door In The Floor