Over at Street Style: Pics By Polka Dot, Jill aka Polka Dot made a post about the different interpretations of the Leopard print trend. I’ve always wanted to try it but I’ve been having issues with how to make it go with my own style. I’ve never been one to follow trends that feel alien or foreign against what I already own/like but the Leopard thing has been following me around for a little while now.

While staring at the post, I’m weighing my options or at least, getting a few ideas:


1. coat – probably won’t go for this one because even though it looks amazing on others, I feel sort of overwhelmed when I’m the one wearing it. That and I think I have enough coats in the closet aka mine + my mum’s.

2. headscarf/headband – Definitely doable and I might just go for it if I actually get around to finding one.

3. shoes – Definitely a possibility. Perhaps they won’t be these because I’m a safety hazard on heels that high but something flatter maybe? Hmm, must get around to looking. Although, it’s more like I’ve got to wait until lower leopard-print shoes come to Aldo so I’d actually be able to wear them while working. This comes pretty damn close but I wonder if we’ll be getting more with more of the print on the actual shoe…


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