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Period Dramas: A Record.

What with the effects of a wisdom tooth plucking incident, I am pretty much confined to my home until I have to go to work. To pass the time (and distract myself from my inability to eat as well as my stomach’s complaints to this fact), I re-watched Cranford with my mum. We didn’t start very early so we only got through one episode. She seemed to like it well enough as she said that she’s planning to watch the rest of the series. While watching, I realize that I pretty much recognize each of them from their other Period work. This can only mean one thing: I have watched too many. I figured that I best keep a record to refer to. I guess it’ll be a list of what I’ve seen and what I’d like to see. This way, I can give suggestions to my mum in a less ‘uh—er—hmm—what about—eh’-manner. Usually, it’s either that or the rant which involves my blurting out a lot more than anyone really needs. Ergo, a page will appear shortly. It’s mainly to satisfy my need for organization and my laziness over using pen and paper to keep a record of things.