Blogging 2.0

One of the reasons I love blogs, bloggers and blogging is because when my brain refuses to produce something minutely tolerable, I always have blogs of all kinds to turn to. Some are inspiring, some I turn to for news and some for pure entertainment (ie. all tumblr posts tagged ‘whip my hair’). I’m kind of subject to being brain dead writing-wise so I figured I’d resort to the latter of the three to either resurrect my brain cells into functioning again. I haven’t really got a profound topic of speciality. This blog is, more or less, a cluster of anything I find particularly interesting (which I use as excuses for not doing what I’m supposed to be doing): film, novels, music, tv, etc. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I find them interesting that everybody else will but it’s a worth a shot.


Right, now I better hop in the shower and get my arse to work. Naturally, I’ll be thinking of things to blog about while I’m off selling shoes. I reckon I’ll be thinking of that and how I’ll make an ‘About Me’ page without boring the world to death.


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